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PC Chassis 

High-quality PC Cases with our specific Power Supply Unit. Our Desktop Chassis now refers to Mini Tower, SFF, Ultra SFF, and Mini ITX for compatible motherboard form factors such as ATX, mATX, and iTX. To widely enhance the usage of our chassis, we also provide the monitor mount for avoiding the restriction on size and dimension of the monitor display. Our C+P will be the first option for the PC builder who mainly provide IT equipment for Education and Business applications

FSP Group UK adapter

H100 - Micro ATX Slim Desktop

  • Drive Bays: Slim ODDx1, Slim Card-readerx1, 3.5” internal HDDx1

  • Expansion slots: PCI slotx3, PCI-E slotx1

  • System Cooling Fan:80mmx15mmx1 / 70mmx25mmx1

  • Screw-less: Chassis Cover, PCI Card, HDD, Slim ODD, Slim Card-reader

  • Security: Kensington Lock, Cable cover, Security Bolt lock on the table

  • MB Form Factor: Micro ATX (244*244mm)

  • PSU: FSP250-50TAC (250W TFX PSU)

H100 front side.jpg

Best Choice for office and space-sensitive applications

Supporting the VESA Stand with no restriction of monitor or display 


L1 - Compact PC Case

One liter compact PC already be the main trend of the PC market and used extensively. Space-saving, low level of acoustic noise, and a high level of security. Features are high productivity and multi-purpose.

  • Drive bays:1 x 2.5" HDD or SDD

  • Screw-less: Top chassis cover, HDD, front bezel

  • Security: Kensington lock slotCable cover with security screw (optional)

  • Support with Basic PC Foot Stand

  • Active speaker with 2W (20 HZ -16K HZ)

  • MB Form Factor: Mini ITX (170*170mm) 

  • PSU: FSP120-ABAN3 (120W Adapter)

L8 - Micro ATX Ultra Small desktop

Over 30% smaller than the normal 12 liters SFF on market

The best business Small Form Factor Desktop with a space-saving design, high level of security, and cable management. 

The full screw-less design allows you to easily access critical system components such as top cover, add-on card, memory, HDD, and optical drive.

  • Drive Bays: Slim ODD *1, Slim card reader, 3.5" internal HDD*1, 2.5" SSD *1

  • Screw-less: Chassis Cover, PCI card, HDD, Slim ODD, Front bezel

  • Security: Kensington lock, Pad lock, Cable cover (optional), Solenoid lock (optional), Intrusion switch (optional), Fingerprint sensor or IrDA receiver with lock (optional)

  • Support LCD monitor VESA 1&2 with Wide Screen 19"~27"

  • Front accesses: USB 3.0 x 2 / Microphone / Headset 

  • MB Form Factor: Micro ATX (244*244mm)

  • PSU: FSP250-51IHBCA (250W Customised PSU)


L12 - Micro ATX Tiny Tower

The L12 chassis is a compact desktop case able to take a regular mATX motherboard and full height IO cards with a 90mm Cooling Fan.

Its classic design will be the best choice for education users.

  • Drive Bays: Slim ODD x 1, 4-in-1 Card reader, 3.5" Open x 1, 3.5" HDD x 2 (hidden), 2.5" HDD x 2 (hidden)

  • Expansion slots: PCI slot * 4

  • System Cooling Fan: 90mm x 1

  • Screw-less: Top cover, PCI card, HDD, Slim ODD, Card reader

  • Security: Kensington Lock  (optional), Pad Lock  (optional), Solenoid lock (optional)

  • MB Form Factor: Micro ATX (244*244mm)

  • PSU: FSP350-50SAC (350W SFX)

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