Hydro G PRO 650W

Hydro G PRO 650W


Upgraded from the last generation, the Hydro G Pro is an IEC62368 certified PSU that has been improved with its safety and designed to be more compact without compromising its efficiency. Like all FSP’s power supplies, the Hydro G Pro offers the 80 Plus® Gold mark, which means that the PSU is guaranteed to deliver stable performance. When Eco Button is switched on, the PSU runs at a lower power consumption which makes the fan quieter. The fan will not operate when the power supply is under 30% loading for a soundless state. Hydro G Pro is covered with protective coating to guarantee reliable performance in a harsh environment. It works perfectly with 95%RH while others cannot. HYDRO G Pro series features extremely tight voltage regulation that guarantees output voltage regulation under +/- 1% at any load changes which offers high output efficiency and voltage stability.

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